Construction Clean

Construction Clean Including:

Touch up

Make ready

Polish Clean

Construction Final Clean

and the list can go on....Call us for your free Quote.

'We Can Get It Done"

Office Clean

Any office! Small or Large!

Once a week or Once a year...2x a day or 7 days a week

Adu Cleaning, LLC will individualize each customers needs to adhere to any schedule that works for you!

*Medical Office   *Lawyers Office        *Small Business Owner

*Call Centers       *Warehouse Office    *Non Profit Location

***Any Space Any Size***

Specialty Cleans



*Places of worship


*Grocery stores

*Gas Stations


*Fast Food




*All Spaces All Areas


What we can offer you

Everyone has and deserves special requests. Your place is Our place. We will adhere to each individual customer needs. From green clean to standard clean. Our friendly and local customer service team will be glad to help with any changes or needs!

Next Steps...

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